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Ralph Hodgson

The most self-contained way to enjoy the least-crowded county of England is to raise your tent or rest your caravan in one of our award winning Caravan Parks and Camping Parks.

It may come as a surprise but many people still don't know where Shropshire is, let alone what makes it so ideal for a perfect short break away from the stresses of modern life. Dealing with the geography bit first – Shropshire sits very comfortably on the English Welsh border and only a short drive away from almost anywhere you will have heard of.

The real surprise is to find out how much Shropshire has to offer the unsuspecting visitor. For a start there are over 32 castles - a legacy of our border heritage, Shropshire is also the birth place of the Industrial Revolution at Ironbridge to be precise and 10 hands-on museums will explain it all.

Shrewsbury, birth place of Charles Darwin, is one of England's finest medieval towns and still very much intact. It is also host to the longest running flower show in the country.

When you get here you’ll find some wonderful gardens, National Trust and English Heritage properties and award winning attractions including the Ironbridge Gorge Museums, Hawkstone Park and Follies, Severn Valley Railway. There’s plenty for the young (and young at heart) too. Need we go on?

Each one can provide a full days entertainment, but if you are seeking further pleasure from our peaceful county, why not pick up a Shropshire Days Out brochure from the local Visitor Information Centre? It’s packed full of interesting things to see and amusing things to do.

So what are you waiting for? Hook up your tow-bar, refill your gas bottle, pack your tent (don't forget your mallet!), and hit the road to Shropshire!

Come soon. And for more than just one day!

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